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Dr. Katalin S. Grant DVM, diplomat ABVP

Certain supplements have been shown in human research to help delay the progression of arthritis. Supplements can not only help with the aching of joints but can actually supply the basic building blocks of the joints enabling the body to continue production of fluid and cartilage within the joint.

Imagine a painful older dog with arthritis or back pain, and then see yourself giving him food or treats on a daily basis that not only help alleviate the pain, but actually stop the destruction of his joints in his back or hips. Then imagine this pet greeting you daily, excited and happy to go for his walk as he did in his younger days.

Here are some guidelines to help you in your decision to choose the correct osteoarthritic supplement for you and your pet.

First, see your veterinarian for a complete physical exam to identify your pets problem areas. At this point, the veterinarian will prescribe pain medication or a specific therapy and may provide a supplement along with the pain medication. If your pet is diagnosed with osteoarthritis, there are many ways and methods of treating his pain. A good start is to think simple and start with pain medication and a nutritional supplement. Removal from pain medication should be your next goal.

Start to use a GAG supplement, which stands for glycosaminoglycan, as soon as possible. GAGs help your pet's cartilage function properly, and joints free of pain. GAGs are what cartilage is made of and these are the building blocks that joints need to continue production of cartilage and fluid within the joint. Common GAGs are glucosamine and chondroitin.

Check each supplement for a good mix of the GAGs and a level high enough to have an affect. Supplements with only one GAG may not provide enough joint nutrition and will not work as well as one that has all the GAGs (made from cartilage substrate).

Active Care® utilizes a unique patent, which incorporates all the natural GAGs as part of the food matrix. GAGs per cup are guaranteed on the bag.

Eliminate jerky style treats that contain salt, sugars, chemicals or empty calories. Along with the food, Active Care® makes a biscuit and chew. These treats contain low salt and calories with a high level of GAGs. The chews have a unique texture that helps keep your pets teeth clean.

If possible, choose a supplement that has not been manipulated chemically. Active Care® is made with all natural ingredients and no chemicals are added or used to purify their products.

Finally, if you have a puppy that is predisposed to osteoarthritic conditions, such as hip dysplasia, knee problems or back problems, start him on Active Care® (safe, cartilage-based products) now.

In summary, nutritional foods are a great way to help your pet. Remember to see your veterinarian to diagnose his problem first, use the prescribed medication, and start the proper supplement.


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