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Active Care® is formulated and produced by Breeder's Choice Pet Foods. An industry innovator in new product development since its early days of providing high quality, diet-specific foods to breeders and zoos, the company is regarded by the industry as one of the purest, premium makers of natural pet foods for dogs and cats. Although many of its products were developed for specific pet health concerns, all are intended to be used as ongoing preventative care in adding longevity to a pet’s life.

Breeder’s Choice was started over 60 years ago. Because we’re dog lovers and experienced dog owners, we have seen first hand and many times how even well-cared-for dogs can have their happiest years brought to a painful and premature end because of degenerating joints. We created Active Care® food with natural cartilage with the highest levels of unprocessed chondroitin and glucosamine, to develop, maintain and repair the joints. It’s for all breeds at all ages, naturally formulated with skin and coat conditioners, and makes taking good care of your dog’s joints absolutely effortless. Make Active Care® part of your dog’s daily diet and give them all the happy, carefree years they deserve.

Dogs Need Active Care Everyday

Your dog’s joints--to know them is to love them.
Your dog’s body includes dozens of joints, all protected and fitting together perfectly because of the vital spongy cartilage that coats each moving part. The cartilage provides lubrication, acts as the joint’s shock absorbers, and prevents the bones’ hard, rough surfaces from coming into contact. It’s the smooth function of your dog’s joints that allow the thousands of movements, large and small, that get them through the day.

Which ages first, your dog or their joints?
It’s actually the cartilage that ages, to devastating effect. Even while your dog seems quite young and vital, the cells in their joints that make substances called GAGs have already begun to fail. Chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, and hyaluronic acid are some of the GAGs that provide the cartilage with its basic structural materials. Ironically, your dog’s heart, lungs and muscles are all perfectly healthy from their years of running around. But without chondroitin sulfate, their cartilage erodes, and their joints begin to feel every movement. Physical activity loses its appeal. Your dog becomes more sedentary. Eventually, the good health the rest of their body enjoyed deteriorates along with their ability to move.

Will certain breeds always end up in pain?
Until recently there was nothing to do but wait for it. Especially for many large breeds including shepherds and retrievers, and long-backed breeds such as dachshunds and bassets, hip, joint, and back problems always seem to come too soon, and their severity can sometimes be heartbreaking. But now, the role of cartilage supplementation including chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine is understood. Now you can take some safe simple steps throughout the life of your dog to delay for years the onset of joint problems, substantially lessen their severity and, most importantly, start to reverse the damage that has already occurred.


Get your puppy’s joints started right by providing complete, natural nutrition while they form and grow.

Adulthood can mean the slow silent beginning of joint problems. Good joint nutrition can delay their onset for years.

Your dog will be moving more comfortably, with greater ease and less pain. Some see results in just a few weeks! Active Care® works in conjunction with her vet’s prescribed therapy.


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